Building & Zoning Department

The Township has experienced rapid growth in the past years and currently has a population approaching 50,000. Many acres of farmland have been developed into plats. New industry and commercial enterprises have also moved into the Township.

In an effort to regulate new growth and to provide the best planning possible for the future, the Township long ago became a Zoned Community with an adopted Zoning Ordinance that regulates uses in specific zoning districts. Zoning could be explained as the rules that balance the rights of the property owner with the rights of the community. The Zoning Ordinance specifies provisions for items such as signs, fences, storage of recreational vehicles, accessory buildings, home occupations and parking. The Building and Zoning Department oversees the zoning rules, as well as interprets, reviews, and enforces them for new development.

Application Review

Before any new building actually commences, many steps must take place. Most projects, other than single or 2 family dwellings, begin with an application and fee submitted to the Building and Zoning Department for review by the Planning Commission, which is made up of a representation of residents of the Township.

The Commission meets twice a month to review plats (PDF), commercial site plans (PDF), special use permits (PDF), rezoning applications (PDF), and planned unit developments (PDF), and to review amendments to the Zoning Ordinance. For all applications, other than site plans where approval is final with the Planning Commission, a recommendation is made to the Township Board to either approve the request if it meets all ordinance requirements or to deny the request if it does not meet ordinance requirements. The Township Board then acts on the request by either granting approval or denial.

Zoning Ordinances

The day to day tasks of enforcing the provisions of Zoning Ordinance, along with overseeing the developments approved by the Planning Commission and Township Board, are handled by the Building and Zoning Department.


Building Permits (PDF), as well as other permits required by the Zoning Ordinance such as Sign Permits (PDF) or Zoning Compliance Permits (PDF), are issued after the determination is made that the application meets all applicable building codes and zoning requirements. Before putting up any sign or moving into any new structure, other than a single or 2 family home, contact the Building and Zoning Department to obtain the necessary permits. In addition, on-site inspections are made to ensure compliance with all requirements.

General Ordinances

In addition to the regulating development, the Building and Zoning Department also handles the enforcement of the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance and the Township General Ordinances. After receiving a complaint, or discovering that a provision of the Zoning or General Ordinance is not met, the Code Enforcement Official conducts an investigation and steps are taken to bring the violation into conformance.

Applications & Useful Documents