Adult Summer Reading 2023

Ticket to Read P1Click here to download and print info!

Ages 18 and up. June 5th—August 5th

Click here for Ticket to Read book suggestions!

We are playing Ticket to Read this summer and traveling the USA to win prizes! Choose and complete up to 6 routes by reading books set in the corresponding states or written by authors from those states. Each route consists of 4 books.

Complete 1 route and choose a water bottle OR luggage tag.
Complete 2 routes and receive library coupons (waive $5 fines, express upgrade, free book/ bag at book sale).
Complete 3 routes and get entered into a $25 gift card drawing.
Complete 4 routes and get entered into a grand prize $50 gift card drawing.
Each additional route completed earns you an additional entry into the grand prize drawing.

All prizes must be claimed and entries must be received by Aug 5. All prize drawings will take place on Aug 7.