Georgetown Cemetery
The Georgetown Cemetery is located on 28th Avenue just north of Port Sheldon Street.

Hanley Cemetery
The Hanley Cemetery is located at the corner of 4th Avenue and Jackson Street.

New Fees Starting Jan. 1, 2022

Cemetery Fees - Effective Jan. 1, 2017

Cemetery Graves (Perpetual Care Included)
Resident Non-Resident
Adult Grave
$500 $750
Baby Land
$250 $400
Columbarium $500 $750
Burial Fee (Open/Close)
Adult Grave
Baby Land
Cremation $300
Columbarium n/a
Extra Saturday
Deed Transfers
Resident to Resident
Non-Resident to Resident
Resident to Non-Resident
Additional Services
Foundation Price per Square Inch
Engraving Columbarium